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Miriam Santigao: This god is an 'underachiever'

“As for all those jerks in government who are my enemies, they are the reason why God created the middle finger!”

Only Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago can mention God and that naughty hand gesture in the same sentence. The woman businessman Manny Pangilinan calls “the most popular speaker in town” does not shy away from taboo topics like God and religion.

We look back at the Holy Queen of Politics' reflections on God, religion, spirituality, and the Catholic Church, and inspirational lessons from a full life. Her views might strike some as contradictory, much like her infamous “I lied” slogan.

'I'm clueless about what God is.'

The young Miriam was a devout Catholic who read the Bible, and walked to church alone every day. The senator from Iloilo says she “inherited” her religion in this predominantly Catholic country, and was bent on studying ethical values “to understand what life is all about.”

Even after years of studies, the legal eagle says she is no expert on God.

“The only thing I know about God is that God is inscrutable. In other words, I don’t know a single thing about God. I’m clueless about what God is. Maybe Jesus or the other historical figures around which religions had been built, would be more approachable. But God itself, being on a divine level, I think it’s just impermeable to human intelligence,” she said in an interview with Esquire Philippines in 2011.

She wants to “put to death or just put over the cliff” people who dictate what God is.

“Bakit ang mga pari, matataas ba ang mga IQ nila? For me, it is very, very dangerous for a person to say, 'I know what God wants.' Really?! Bakit, may cellphone ba Siya?” (Why, do priests have a higher IQ? It is very dangerous for a person to say, 'I know what God wants.' Why, does He have a cellphone?)

WATCH - Miriam Santigao: This god is an 'underachiever'

Here's what Sass Sasot has to say:
The flack that Duterte is getting is nothing but manufactured noise. MDS said something more controversial before about God -- that he was an "underachiever" and that the most possible conclusion is that God doesn't exist. Where were Senators Trillanes? Hontiveros? Gatchalian? and Recto? at that time? and the CBCP? Galit lang talaga kayo kay Duterte. Period.

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