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Sereno awaits for God’s advice on senatorial run

After declaring that God appointed her as Chief Justice, Ma. Lourdes Sereno is also taking advice from the Almighty after she had been booted out of Padre Faura.
“My God tells me I need more time,” said Sereno on lingering questions on whether she would run for senator in the 2019 elections as part of the opposition slate being formed by the group of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

In a television interview, Sereno said that running for senator was an “option” and she would make that decision with her husband after going through a “period of discernment.” She said teaching was another option but she firmly shut the door on going to corporate practice.

“I am more a politician now than a Chief justice because, do I have a choice?” said Sereno citing the groups of people seeking her help to get justice and accountability under the Duterte administration.

“My situation represents many situations. Whether it is in a political office whether it is completely as a private citizen I hope my story still becomes relevant,” she said.

She said she was “perfectly at peace” and harbored no ill will against her colleagues who kicked her out of personal grudges.

No! I’m not angry I’m at peace. I have forgiven them. You see, the Bible said ‘You will love your enemies and forgive them and pray for those who persecute you’. So you just walk along and things will show you themselves,” she said

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