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Gov't set to complete New Bohol (Panglao) Airport 2 years ahead

GOOD NEWS: The New Bohol (Panglao) Airport is now 90.14% complete as of 30 June 2018!
Designed to be the country's first eco-airport and dubbed as the "Green Gateway to the World", environment-friendly and sustainable structures will be used, along with solar panels to be installed on the Passenger Terminal Building's roof to cover around 1/3 of the airport's energy requirement.


The New Bohol (Panglao) Airport is expected to accommodate two (2) million passengers in its opening year, alone from 800,000 passengers currently being accommodated by the Tagbilaran airport.

The Department of Transportation also issued this notice:
Para po doon sa mga nagsasabi na hindi naman Duterte Administration ang nag-start nito, o kaya naman mukhang hindi naman 90% complete ang project, ito ho ang mga sagot namin:

1. Wala po kaming sinasabi na kami ang nagsimula. Ang sinasabi po namin, kami ang tatapos. Please note that when the Duterte Administration came in, wala halos nakatayo dyan. We started at almost ground zero. Also, as of July 2016, ang nakalagay na target completion ng project ay 2021 pa. Ibig sabihin, with the expected opening of this airport in October 2018, three years ahead po tayo sa schedule of target completion. Hindi pa po ba tayo masaya?

2. 90.14% is the OVER-ALL completion rate of the entire airport. The runway, which is a huge component of the project, is already complete.

Hope this clarifies everything. Salamat po.

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