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Is Joma Sison out to assassinate President Duterte? Recent word war gives hints

At the height of the assassination of Tanauan City Mayor Antonio Halili, one can't help but to think that President Duterte may be one of their next targets.

Joma Sison and NPA. Photo by Raelyn Luchansky
When President Duterte launched his war on drugs, assassination plots from enemies of the state floated. From corrupt politicians, drug cartels who want to regain their businesses, maoists rebels in the south, to ISIS terrorists, everyone is out to get rid of Duterte.

Getting rid of him means they can all go back to their corrupt practices and extremely profitable illegal businesses.

Just like President Duterte, Mayor Halili was also known for his hard stance on crime and illegal drugs. The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) once condemned Halili for parading crime suspects in his city.

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The recent collapse of peace talks between the government and Joma Sison's NPA started a new word ward between Sison and President Duterte.

Sison labelled Duterte as the 'biggest peace spoiler.' He even went on hinting at Duterte's possible ouster and committed to support any efforts that would strip Duterte off of the Presidency.

"It is relatively easier and more productive for the NDFP to participate in the Oust-Duterte movement..." Sison said.

The President belittled Sison's threat, saying the rebels no longer have the capacity to harm the government.

Commenting on Sison's statement, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said: "Spoken like a true terrorist."

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana says the communist group has launched its movement to oust the President since May 2017.

Is Joma Sison and his rebels capable of assassinating a sitting President? While there is no account of such incident in the past, the NPA is historically known for assassinating local government officials and even civilians.

Joma Sison's NPA also once admitted that they killed civilians including one infant in one encounter in Bukidnon Province. The NPA was forced to admit the killing due to irrefutable evidences.
A relative weeps while cradling the 4-month-old infant killed by NPA fire in an ambush on police in Bukidnon last Nov. 9, 2017. Five days after the incident, the NPA owned up to the killing and sought forgiveness from the civilians caught in the crossfire. HANDOUT PHOTO FROM PRO-10, PNP

To be able to strip Duterte off of Presidency, Joma Sison only has two options: People power and Assassination.

The former is very far-fetched. The opposition, the progressive groups and rebels have been trying really hard in the last two years to muster public support for their calls to oust President Duterte, but two years on, they are yet to make a dent on Duterte's administration. They are struggling as fuck!

Based on the latest rating issue, Duterte still tops the most trusted government official in the country. Not to mention his hard-to-resist charisma that appeals most to the public.

With sky-rocketing trust ratings, how can Joma Sison oust Duterte through democratic processes?

It is safe to say that Sison won't even dare to touch the former option.

Are Sison and his legion of dimwits capable of carrying out an assassination plot on a sitting President? Given the NPA's lust for bloodshed, that is not really inconceivable.

Whether or not Joma Sison successfully kicks President Duterte off of the pedestal he's currently on, one thing is for sure, the Filipino public will never accept a government that is ruled by communists.

Most especially a government headed by someone like Joma Sison.


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