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Tapat na po! Customs exceeds June collection target, collects P50-B revenue

BOC collects P50-B in June, 16 ports hit the target
For the second time in the history of the Bureau of Customs (BOC), 16 out of the 17 ports exceeded the collection target for June 2018, contributing to the bureau’s total revenue collection of P50.139-billion.

Preliminary data from the Bureau’s Financial Service show that the agency’s latest collection feat is 4.9 percent or P2.342-billion up against the P47.797 billion revenue target for June.

The growth in collection is 41.6 percent or P14.01-billion higher compared to the P35.417-billion collection in the same period in 2017.

Of the 17 ports, sixteen exceeded their full month revenue target:
1. Port of Batangas – collected P12.23-billion revenue, up by 10.5 percent or P1.16-billion;
2. Port of Manila – collected P7.7-billion revenue, up by 7.2 percent of P515-million;
3. Port of Limay – collected P3.806-billion revenue, up by 30.9 percent of P898-million;
4. Port of NAIA – collection P3.24-billion revenue, up by 2.8 percent or P87-million;
5. Port of Cebu – collected P2.44-billion revenue, up by 13.1 percent or P281-million;
6. Port of Davao – collected P2.414-billion revenue, up by 57.4 percent or P880-million;
7. Port of Cagayan de Oro – collected P1.925-billion revenue, up by 42.6 percent or P575-million;
8. Port of Subic – collected P1.724-billion revenue, up by 0.2 percent or P4 million;
9. Port of Iloilo – collected P399-million revenue, up by 53.9 percent or P140-million;
10. Port of San Fernando – collected P336-million revenue, up by 28 percent or P74-million;
11. Port of Clark – collected P160-million revenue, up by 26.7 percent or P34-million;
12. Port of Tacloban – collected P137-million revenue, up by 553.9 percent of P116-million;
13. Port of Zamboanga – collected P29-million revenue, up by 24.2 percent or P5.6-million;
14. Port of Legazpi – collected P26-million revenue, up by 15 percent or P3.5-million;
15. Port of Aparri – collected P7-million revenue, up by 80.8 percent or P3-million; and
16. Port of Surigao – collected P3.5 million revenue, up by 76.1 percent or P1.5-million.

The Port of Tacloban has already collected their annual revenue target for 2018, generating a total revenue of P394-million which is 47.57% up vs its P267 million annual target.

Meanwhile, the Manila International Container Port, the district with the highest revenue target of P14.738-billion collected only P13.507-billion.

The Bureau’s initial total accrued revenue from January to June 2018 has already reached P280.33-billion, exceeding the P278.13-billion target by 0.8 percent or a revenue surplus of P2.2-billion in mid-2018.

The total accrued revenue in six months has already exceeded 50% of the P598 billion target for the year.

“This achievement is attributed not only to the consistent diligence of all BOC ports in terms of collection but also to the continuing application of correct valuation and tariff classification of goods.

“Our strengthened campaign against illicit trade and our effort to improve our trade system have significantly increased the bureau’s revenue collection,” said Lapeña.

Last month, the bureau posted P2.12 billion revenue surplus or a total collection of P52.748-billion as the majority or 16 of the 17 ports were also able to exceed their collection targets.###

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