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Climate change ruins farmers' livelihood

Pains of farming

By Manny Piñol
I went home this weekend to get a much-needed rest and excited to see my Lanzones, Mangosteen and Rambutan fruit trees which last week showed a promise of a bountiful harvest.

This morning, my spirit sank when I saw the fruits of my S2 Rambutan variety strewn on the ground while those still clinging to the branches were all cracked.

My farm helpers explained that an untimely rain fell just as the fruits were ripening and the tree sucked up the excess water and sent it to the fruits causing these to crack because of excess liquid.

So, one year of waiting to enjoy the sweet Rambutan was rendered meaningless because the rains came at the wrong time.

Looking at the crackef fruits scattered on the ground, I asked myself how an ordinary farmer who depends on his fruit trees must be feeling had this happened to him.

Climate Change lately has shown how it could hurt agriculture.

When the rains come at the wrong time and cause floods, farmers suffer and rains do not fall for six months farmers suffer just the same.

Such is the reality of farm and the pain that the farmers suffer.

There is hardly anything government could do to address this problem except increase the coverage of the Philippine Crop Insurance and teach farmers climate resilient technology.

On the part of farmers like me, we just have to say a lot of prayers so that the elements needed to produce food would come in the perfect time.


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