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Public appearances prove PRRD in good health: Macalintal

Public appearances prove PRRD in good health: Macalintal
By Ferdinand Patinio
MANILA -- There is no need for President Rodrigo Duterte to disclose his medical records as his public appearances proved that he is in good condition, an election lawyer said Tuesday.

Lawyer Romulo Macalintal noted that Duterte's public appearances sufficed the requirement of the Constitution that the public has the right to know the health status of the President particularly if he/she has serious illness.

“Under the Constitution, the public shall be informed of the state of the President’s health only “in case of serious illness.”[1] By making such public appearances, Duterte had practically “disclosed” that he is in good health and not in any “serious illness”, hence, the disclosure of his health required under the constitution does not apply,” Macalintal said in a statement.

He added that the recent meeting of the Chief Executive with Visayas mayors in Cebu debunked the claims of Communist Party of the Philippines founding chairman Jose Maria "Joma" Sison that the President has fallen into a coma last week.

“Strong as a bull or malakas pa sa kalabaw was the picture of President Duterte when he showed himself dining with an unidentified woman in a hotel in Davao and spoke for almost two (2) hours in Cebu City,” the lawyer said.

“That was enough to totally debunked communist leader Jose Ma. Sison’s claim that Duterte was in a coma with dark skin and unstable walk. In a word, Sison’s intended bombshell against Duterte turned out to be a dud,” he added.

As for the “darkening” of Duterte’s skin, Macalintal said that “there has been no confirmed medical findings that the “darkening” of the skin of his face is a sign of “serious illness”, hence, Duterte’s claim that his “dark face” is caused by his “going up and down the mountains” should be regarded as the gospel truth, until proven otherwise by competent medical authorities.”

“All other interpretations of his “darkening face” are mere speculations, if not totally hearsay or mere wishful thinking. Only God knows the real truth behind the darkness of his face. For though Duterte may not have a rosy cheek, it is not proof that he is totally sick nor a sign that he is suffering from a “serious illness,” he added.

At the same time, the lawyer said that it is up to the critics to prove their claims.

“Thus, it is not for Duterte to “disclose” his health condition but it is up for those asking for such disclosure to prove the basis of their demand,” Macalintal said. (PNA)

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