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Active Laguna priest admits s*xually abusing 3 altar boys in Cebu

Remember this name: Rev. Apolinario "Jing" Mejorada, O.S.A. a predator who still actively serves in the church.

Rev. Apolinario "Jing" Mejorada, O.S.A.
Remains in active ministry today despite: 1) admitting in an affidavit to “wrong and shameful acts;” 2) his order’s settlement with three former altar boys in 2000; and 3) news reports that a 2002 church investigation found him guilty. In June 2003, City Prosecutor chose not to indict him. Appeal by alleged victim was pending as of 2011.

In October 1999, an altar boy at Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño in Cebu City told a priest and the boy’s seminarian-brother that he had been sexually assaulted on two recent occasions by Mejorada, the rector of the Basilica.

In October 2000, Mejorada and the Augustinian order settled with the complainant, Mitchal Gatchalian, and two other alleged victims, also former altar boys, paying each youth $2,400 (120,000 pesos).

The three youths believed that Mejorada would be sent to Africa. In the spring of 2002, however, Gatchalian was told that Mejorada had been readmitted to the order and was back in Cebu. The youth went to the police, who interviewed the priest but didn’t pursue the case. They told the complainant instead to write to Cebu archbishop Cardinal Vidal.

On July 19, 2002, the three former altar boys and another alleged victim spoke to news reporters, sharing a letter they had sent to Cardinal Vidal. “We are willing to face the world to tell the truth, no matter how shameful and humiliating … if that should prove the only way we can stop the abuse of other young boys,” they said.

That same day, a member of the Augustinian community, Fr. Ambrosio Galindez OSA, told reporters that Mejorada had admitted to wrongdoing.

Cardinal Vidal said he would form a committee to investigate Mejorada. In January 2003, the archdiocese publicly reported its finding.

It suggested but did not say definitively that Mejorada was guilty, and it did not propose any sanctions. However, some news outlets quoted an unnamed source inside the church who said that members of the archdiocesan investigative team “were all convinced” of Mejorada’s guilt.

A few days later, Gatchalian and another victim filed a criminal complaint with the Cebu City Prosecutor’s office. “Seeing no justice from within the church leadership, I have decided to seek justice from the regular courts,” Gatchalian said in his affidavit.

In May 2003, Associate City Prosecutor Rogelio del Prado recommended indicting Mejorada for “acts of lasciviousness.” Reviewing Prosecutor Nicolas Sellon rejected this recommendation, ruling that a December 1999 demand letter by Gatchalian’s attorney for 10 million pesos proved that the youth was only after money.

Article below contains specific details about how the abuses happened:
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In June 2003, City Prosecutor Jose Pedrosa approved Sellon’s ruling and the criminal case against Mejorada was dismissed. Gatchalian appealed.

As of March 2011, his case was still pending in the Court of Appeals.

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