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Duterte says Robredo can never be president because all she does is pray

By Genalyn Kabiling
Vice President Leni Robredo could never be a president since all she does is pray, President Duterte said last Saturday.

The President belittled anew the capability of Robredo to lead the country after she claimed she constantly prays for him. Duterte said he would appreciate Robredo’s prayer “if we have the same God.”

“Gaya ni Leni, she can never be a president. Puro dasal. T*** i** [Like Leni, she can never be a president. She just prays. Son of a b*tch],” the President said during a press conference in Davao City after arriving from his weeklong trip to Israel and Jordan last Saturday.

“Kasi kung pinakinggan lang ako ng Diyos nila, ‘yung Diyos ng Katoliko, ay p***** i**, walang nangyari sa buhay ko [Because if I listen to their God, the God of Catholics, son of a b*tch, nothing will happen to my life],” he added.

Duterte maintained that he believes in God, but not the god of “the religious idiots” and bishops linked to sexual abuse of children. “My God, is my God. It is the God that my parents revered to,” he added.

Robredo earlier said she always prays for the President because his failure would also be the failure of the nation. She added that her greatest prayer was for the country to overcome the problems facing the nation.

Duterte previously sneered at Robredo’s alleged incompetence, saying he prefers a military junta or other competent leaders such as former Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. or Senator Francis Esducero to succeed him.

Reacting to Robredo’s prayer for him, Duterte said: “Well, ma’am, if we have the same God then I would be — I would appreciate it.”

“But the problem is, their God together with the religious idiots around pati ‘yung mga bishops, and to think that they are being sued worldwide for abuses against children,” he added.

To the priest who jokingly prayed for his illness, the President said he was ready to die.

“Huwag kang mag-alala Father. Whether I die today, I die tomorrow, it does not matter to me anymore. Tapos na ako,” he said, referring to Fr. Noel Gatchalian who officiated a mass for Senator Antonio Trillanes IV at the Senate last week.

Duterte however said he hopes priests like Gatchalian would die from venereal disease. He lashed out anew at priests involved in sexual abuses, saying the Church was the “most hypocritical institution” in the country today.

“But the likes of you, itong pari to wish ill, saan ka nakakita pari dito ‘mamatay sana si Duterte?” Eh ‘di sabihin ko na lang rin mamatay sana kayong lahat ng venereal disease [But the likes of you, a priest who wishes ill, where can you find a priest who says Duterte should die? I also wish that you will all die from venereal disease],” he said.

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