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LOOK: Quo Warranto visits Void Ab Initio in senate

The two clowns were the subjects of jokes, mockery and memes that flooded the Philippine social media.

It is highly probable that Antonio 'rice soldier' Trillanes will share the same fate as Lourdes Sereno.

Sereno was proven to be illegally occupying her seat as Chief Justice after evidences invalidates her qualifications for the post. It was discovered that Sereno violated the country's SALN law by not filing hers during her stint as a government employee.

Her predecessor, former Chief Justice Renato Corona was impeached too due to violations on SALN Law.

Lourdes Sereno, the poster girl of the previous admin in the Supreme Court, snatched the post from ex-CJ Corona after the latter was successfully impeached in a highly controversial trial.

Ex-President BS Aquino even bribed senators to be able gain enough votes to oust Corona, as revealed by some senators.

Trillanes, a widely known attack dog of the Liberal Party (LP), is now facing charges for his crimes during the Arroyo administration. Just like Trillanes, LP is also known as a congregation of corrupt politicians who mostly belong to the elite families in the country.

Trillanes and his equally moronic Magdalo group stormed Makati hotels in two occasions to stage coup against former President Gloria Arroyo's government that resulted to hundreds of millions of damages to the buildings they occupied. His narcissistic move also caused major economic repercussions.

Right now, many Filipinos are voicing their negative comments for Trillanes.

On Facebook and Twitter, Filipinos are sharing memes that mock Trillanes and the Liberal Party.

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