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Pama belies ex defense sec Voltaire Gazmin: Taxpayers paid 60M for new NDRRMC command center

After our previous post about President Duterte's utilization of the new state-of-the-art Command Center of the NDRRMC, many people claimed that it was a fake news.

As expected, rabid anti-Duterte forces immediately launched counter attack to discredit the government's preparation and response on typhoon Ompong.

Issue #1 - Duterte didn't construct it.
If you've read the entire article, you will know that the Duterte government didn't claim any credit.

While it says that the Duterte government is utilizing the facility as part of the government's preparation for the upcoming typhoon, it NEVER claimed that it was a project of the Duterte administration.

The timeline of the project's progress was explicitly stated all throughout the article. No line stated that it was Duterte's brainchild.

If there's anything that the article claims, it is the fact that the Duterte government was preparing for the impending disaster utilizing all available resources the entire government has - which for me, is very wise.

You have a facility that could lessen the impact of the impending disaster? then fucking make use of it. That's a classic example of smart governance.

Now, if the Yellowtards have any problem with the current admin using that, then they really are big idiots.

Issue #2 - The project will not cost the government anything.
The article says that the BS Aquino didn't shell out any money for the construction of the facility.

That is basically based on the pronouncements of ex defense secretary Voltaire Gazmin.


"The government will not spend a single centavo for the construction," said by ex Defense chief Voltaire Gazmin. 

But there's a problem with that.

According to former NDRRMC Executive Director and Civil Defense Administrator Usec Alexander Pama, that is basically not true because the taxpayers paid for the project.

This is a classic case of Aquino's ineptness.

You know what, this mirrors how chaotic BS Aquino's regime was. That's not surprising at all given all the scandals and blunder unearthed during his leadership.

We have two officials from the Aquino admin saying pronouncements that basically contradict each other.

So, whose claim should the public believe?

Issue #3 - Where did the 60 million go?
While we wait for these claims to be verified, for the sake of argument, maybe it's only appropriate where did the 60 million that the government shelled out go.

Why did we release that much money if the private donor itself said they will be covering the entire cost of the project?

Why was Defense Secretary Gazmin not privy of this release? He himself said in various media interviews that the project will not cost the government even a single centavo.

Tayo na nga ay gumamit ng Nasaan ang pangulo pati ba naman Nasaan ang 60 million?

Abi Valte's recent pronouncement only proves that his patron BS Aquino didn't really have the foresight. If the private company didn't initiate to donate the construction of the modern facility, I don't think Aquino would even think about having it.

Pama belies ex defense sec Voltaire Gazmin: Taxpayers paid 60M for new NDRRMC command center Pama belies ex defense sec Voltaire Gazmin: Taxpayers paid 60M for new NDRRMC command center Reviewed by AsianPolicy.Press on 8:19:00 AM Rating: 5

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