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IT Expert: Rappler's claim that Smart is the fastest ISP in PH is FAKE NEWS

Rappler claims Smart is fastest ISP in PH, but IT expert cries fake news

They didn’t do their research according to this guy.

A tech news report published by Rappler showed that Manny V. Pangilinan’s PLDT and Smart are offering the fastest internet services in the Philippines, but one industry guy said this was pure BS.

The Rappler article was citing data from Ookla’s Speed Test report, which awarded the lead to PLDT for the fixed internet category, besting Sky, Smart and Globe.

On the mobile connection front, Smart is said to outpace Globe in terms of speed of service.

But Wilson Chua of Project BASS, short for Bandwidth and Signal Statistics, said this was pure BS.

“When a PR piece is passed off as ‘tech news’ and we (projectbass.org) know better, we must challenge it. In my opinion the Rappler article referenced below is FAKE news,” Chua said in a Facebook post.

Citing his firm’s data, they found that independent internet provider Converge is faster “by a mile” compared to speeds offered by PLDT, but pointed out that it was “conspicuously missing.”

It doesn’t end there — Chua said he had reached out to Rappler CEO Maria Ressa for the oversight, but that it had fallen on deaf ears.

“I felt compelled to call out Rappler to check their sources BEFORE passing this off as news. We have already given Ms Ressa the link to DICT endorsed measures at http://dict.gov.ph/bass so they can easily countercheck Ookla’s PR. Apparently, they did not,” Chua said.

“I urge Rappler to review the data and correct their piece, otherwise they themselves will be guilty of publishing FAKE news.”

However, Rappler writer Gelo Gonzales' defense is he merely reported the findings of internet speed measuring service Ookla which is, to put it bluntly is absolutely lazy.

He went on to add that he asked Ookla why Converge wasn’t on their list, but has yet to receive a response.

Rappler boasts that they employ the best journalists in the country. They urge people to fact-check what we read on the internet, yet here they are, they can't even confirm the veracity of what they are writing.

Well, it doesn't surprise us anymore, actually. Maria Ressa is not in the business of public service, she and Rappler exist for money. They basically work as the PR firm and mouth pieces of their greedy corporate patrons.

So, how much did you get this time Maria Ressa?

IT Expert: Rappler's claim that Smart is the fastest ISP in PH is FAKE NEWS IT Expert: Rappler's claim that Smart is the fastest ISP in PH is FAKE NEWS Reviewed by AsianPolicy.Press on 6:13:00 AM Rating: 5

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