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Leni Robredo quotes that will make you question your existence

"Everything you can imagine is real."
—Pablo Picasso

I’m guilty, I confess: I love quotes. In our meme-saturated, sound-bite culture, it seems almost sacrilegious for a thinking person to celebrate aphorisms, snippets, and bits of content that can be processed in 30 seconds or less.

But maybe the Philippines' most hated Vice President is taking the above's quote from Picasso too literally. And we have all the reasons to think so.

With all the stuff she's been blabbering lately, we can most certainly conclude that this woman from Naga, Camarines Sur is insanely mad.

Here are alleged direct quotes from Leni Robredo, the shining patron of the Liberal Party.

"40 x 4 = 1,600"
I know math can be difficult, but come one, where did she even get these numbers?

She said this when she was criticizing the government- the same government that she is part of- for the country's increase in inflation rate sometime last year. The month after, the government has successfully tamed the inflation rate and in February 2019, inflation rate has gone down to low levels, hitting the government's projection.

For a lawyer like Leni, this really made her look (and sound) like a purok leader instead of a Vice President.

"I have 3 daughters and they are all girls..."

"I have 3 daughters... and they are all... girls..."
I wouldn't call my daughter son, unless, of course, if they prefer to be called that way.

Obviously, no one in Leni Robredo's daughters wanted to be called 'son.' Thus, we should call them daughters, right?

Or are we missing something?

"The next Chief Justice must be a lawyer..."
Uhm, Madam Leni, the core qualification to get into the BAR is you pass the BAR Exams. Therefore, you can't even become a Supreme Court Justice if you are not. 

You get that, idiot?

"Rape exists because of rapists"
Whaaaaaaat the actual fuck!!? Not a hoax. Not a fake news. She actually said this. 

"Rape exists because of rapist -Robredo
Crime exists because of criminals.
Kidnapping exists because of kidnappers.
Murder exists because of murderers.
Cheating exists because of cheaters.
Robredo still exist because of PCOS.

Is this what she meant?," one netizen said.

There you are. That, ladies and gents, is the Vice President of the Philippines.

Do you think she's a hardcore imbecile? Let us know in the comments.

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