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Ateneo teacher wishes Duterte, PCOO officials dead

Napaka-disente talaga ng mga taga Ateneo. So classy!
Alyson Lao Yap, a teacher at Ateneo de Manila University just wished the President and the entire PCOO dead.

She (or he?) also singled out Asec. Mon Cualoping.

Here's how Asec Mon Cualoping responded:
It is Palm Sunday in the Philippines and in the Christian world.

Hence, I am taking this opportunity to unburden myself of a sin that I have carried.

Let us start with Alyson Lao Yap, a teacher at the John Gokongwei School of Management at the Ateneo de Manila University.

He wants me dead as posted in his Facebook wall on September 11, 2018.

I am a public servant. I carry this burden because I am as human as you are. Therefore, not perfect.

What I cannot fathom is the hypocrisy of this person, an Atenean, who falsely accuses President Duterte as a killer yet wants me to be dead.

Do I accept this? No. I am the real woke. I have been awakened from the shenanigans and the lies of the community I grew up with.

As some of you know, I was once a very proud Ateneo alumnus. Not anymore because serving the Philippines happened.

I even coined the term “Ang sarap maging Atenista.”

But these very friends whom I journeyed with for that expression of joyous days in the Ateneo are the very ones acting like authoritarians, like the very people they hate as espoused on their social media accounts.

The Ateneo and some of its alumni have become dictators in this day and age of social media.

Alyson Lao Yap, who was never my friend, is a prime example of hypocrisy, of evilness. Dictator.

He inspires me to be better as an Assistant Secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office. Why? Because we have to deal with the following:
1. Informed
2. Informed but misinformed
3. Informed but refuses to understand
4. Uninformed

Overseas voting for the midterm election has also begun. I say, no to hypocrites. No to candidates who are contrarians, who are haters. Ask them, what are their policies aside from badmouthing President Duterte.

Remember, the Philippines is better today because of leaders like Duterte. Because of people like you and me. We do not kowtow nor live in expensive glasshouses, pussyfooting like the Ateneo is the most perfect institution in the world.

We live. We live in reality. We live the Philippines.

We feel. We feel the things beyond the lies. We feel the Philippines.

I forgive. But this Palm Sunday, let us reflect, discern and #neverforget.

The Philippines is our business.


This one proves that no amount of money can buy someone class.

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