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Digital footprint revealing coup plotters vs Duterte discovered; it involves several PH media orgs

"There is a plot to discredit the President and destabilize his government,” a highly placed source in the Office of the President said.

Media participants in the Oust-Duterte move

“Bikoy,” obviously a pseudonym, was the source of the black propaganda, the matrix shows. From Bikoy, the stories go to Ellen Tordesillas, president of Vera Files, who acts as the nexus and distributor of the materials to the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ), Rappler and the National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL). These organizations, in turn, distribute the false narratives to their respective members. (Please refer to the matrix.)

Tordesillas also currently serves as a fact-checker for Facebook. The matrix, however, did not disclose the real identity of Bikoy.

Save for the NUPL, a leftist group, the rest of the people from Rappler, Vera Files and the PCIJ named in the matrix are members of the media. It would now appear that these journalists are collaborating with the Left in their effort to destabilize the government, the matrix shows.

“Wala namang tao na ganoon (referring to Bikoy),” the source said. The series of invented stories against the President was part of the black propaganda campaign by the Yellows, the source added. The opposition couldn’t accept that the ratings of the President remain stratospheric.

“Mataas ang credibility ni Presidente.” They could not believe that despite the series of black propaganda campaign against the President, his popularity and trust ratings remain unaffected.

Vera Files, the PCIJ and Rappler received largesse from various foreign sources, the source said, without specifying a figure.

Paid hacks in media
Another media practitioner sees malice and ill intent on the part of Ellen Tordesillas when she acted as distributor of the anti-Duterte stories, as the matrix shows. “Normally, a journalist would not share her story with other journalists or media outlets, especially if it is an enterprise or exclusive story. He or she would naturally want to have a scoop.”

If it is true that Ellen participated in the distribution of the story — whether that is legitimate or otherwise — at the very least, she will be guilty of unethical practice. And if she was paid for doing so, then she would be nothing more than a paid hack, a cheap propagandist, and therefore, fair game for the administration, he said.

The same is true in the case of Vera Files, Rappler and the PCIJ. They appear to have received massive foreign funding, which is against our Constitution, and, therefore, these media outfits cannot claim objectivity. Their critical Duterte stories become suspect.

To this date, they have not refuted allegations of foreign funding by our eminent writer, former ambassador Rigoberto Tiglao, in amounts that he said have ranged from $106,000 to $278,000.

Tordesillas has been asked to comment on the allegations against her before publication of this article, but the Times has not received a reply by deadline on Sunday.

Digital footprint revealing coup plotters vs Duterte discovered; it involves several PH media orgs Digital footprint revealing coup plotters vs Duterte discovered; it involves several PH media orgs Reviewed by AsianPolicy.Press on 8:16:00 PM Rating: 5

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