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Joma Sison leadership forces CPP-NPA members to lay low, leave

MANILA -- Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founding chairperson Jose Ma. Sison's leadership has forced many members to lay low and leave their organization, a group of former communist rebels said Saturday.
In a statement released by Ka Fidel Javier, the Kilusan at Alyansa ng mga Dating Rebelde (KADRE) said Sison's leadership was a primary reason why they bolted from the communist group.

"Ang inyong pamumuno ang nagtulak sa marami sa amin para mag lay low at kumalas sa kilusan (Your leadership pushed many of us to leave the movement). Bago po natin punahin ang mga sinasabi nyong ahente ng naghaharing uri, magkaroon muna po tayo ng pagpuna at pagtatasa sa ating kakayahan bilang lider ng Kilusan (Before you criticize those you say agents of the ruling class, evaluate and hone your abilities first as the movement's leader) ," KADRE said.

KADRE, a group composed of more or less 200 former communists members nationwide, also tagged Sison as a tyrant and a dictator in the CPP.

"During the 1990s, debate of the CPP-NPA (New People's Army)- NDF (National Democratic Front) that polarized the movement, isn't it Joma was the tyrant of the party and dictatorial of the Central Committee and single handedly approved the reaffirmist line that left the movement polarized between the rejectionist and rejoice?," he added.

KADRE was reacting to Sison's recent statements against President Rodrigo R. Duterte where he called the President a "tyrant, traitor, plunderer and mass murderer" and a "bureaucrat capitalist".

"Dahan-dahan po sa pag sasalita, bawat katagang sinasabi ninyo ay repleksyun ng inyong pamumuno sa loob ng kilusan (Be careful with your words because each word you utter reflects your leadership in the movement)," the group said.

KADRE also alleged that it was Sison who conducted mass murders among their ranks in the past.

"Sino kaya ang utak ng (Who is the brains behind) Oplan Missing Link at Kampanyang Ahos na pumatay sa mga inosenteng partibista at kadre (that killed innocent partymates and cadre). Sino kaya ang mass murderer ng sariling mga anak ng Partido? (Who is the mass murderer of the Party's own children?)," the group said.

"Sino kaya ang tumalikod sa Pilipinas at nagtago sa Europa at dun ilunsad ang isang 'email revolution,' at pagtalikod at pag traydor sa Kilusan (Who left the Philippines and went into hiding in Europe and from there launched an email revolution and turned its back and betrayed the movement)," it added. (GAA/PNA)

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