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Leni Robredo to become President soon: Source

Robredo to become president outright if Duterte declares a revolutionary gov’t — Macalintal
Senatorial bet and veteran election lawyer Atty. Romulo Macalintal on Friday said Vice President Leni Robredo “becomes President once Duterte declares a revolutionary government.”

Macalintal, who is also Robredo’s lead counsel, said that once Duterte declares a revolutionary government, “he ceases to be President having divested himself of the Presidency.”

He added that “such act will pave the way” for Robredo to “take over the vacant position of President and assume the functions and the Office of the President.”

Duterte, in his speech at a gathering of lawyers in Puerto Princesa, Palawan on April 4, said he might order the suspension the writ of habeas corpus, declare a “revolutionary war” and arrest his critics.

Macalintal, on the other hand, explained that declaring a revolutionary government would mean that Duterte “becomes the leader of a revolutionary government” while Robredo becomes “the leader as president of a duly constituted government.”

“Declaring a revolutionary government is not the function of the president,” Macalintal said. “On the other hand, it is his solemn duty under the constitution to protect our government and country from any act that would topple or put down our government,” he added.

Show of Force, Test of Loyalty

Macalintal noted that if Duterte “really declares” a revolutionary government,” then it will be a “show of force” between his government and the government led by Robredo – being the “successor President of a democratic government.”

“It will put to a test the loyalty of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) as to which government they will pledge their loyalty – to the revolutionary government of Duterte or the constitutionally existing government led by Robredo as successor president as provided under our constitution,” Macalintal explained.

While Duterte “can declare” a revolutionary government, “it will still depend upon the people if they will accept such kind of government since the present government is the result of a democratic process as provided for under our constitution.” He added that in a democratic government, “sovereignty resides with the people and not with the president alone.”

Macalintal also noted that “there is no such thing as suspending the privilege of a writ of habeas corpus and declaring a revolutionary government as these are inconsistent acts.” Should Duterte suspend such privilege, “then he is still adhering to the provisions of our constitution, which is inconsistent with his revolutionary government, which has no charter at all.”

Meanwhile, Macalintal noted that the revolutionary government envisioned by Duterte “cannot be compared” with the revolutionary government of former President Corazon Aquino because “his is just his own making or a one-man declaration of a revolutionary government.”

Macalintal said that Duterte’s intention to declare a “revolutionary war” is “practically a mere knee-jerk reaction against his critics” while that of Aquino’ was a “result of a people’s uprising where people came together and showed their power to take over an abusive and graft-laden government.”

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