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PH paper pens a heart-wrenching eulogy to Otso Diretso candidates

It’s over, Otso Diretso
By Concept News Central
This is a eulogy to the candidates under the Otso Diretso slate, delusional as they are. It was a fight they were bound to lose anyway but the slate fared much worse than what was expected of them. The towel has to be thrown in due to utter lack of coordination and sincerity. Time to cancel flights and last-minute campaign spending, tighten their belts, and do some seasoned politicking commonly done by those long in the game: Ditch their own party-mates and start supporting those who actually stand a chance of winning.

“This charade was, simply put, clearly political suicide.

Anyone can see right through the script. The two candidates who stand a chance of winning (Roxas and Aquino) need the company to make themselves more marketable.

Unfortunately, both of them seem to be at odds with each other, and have not been seen visible together, something we should not expect to see with Roxas’ distancing of himself from former President PNoy Aquino. The other six know fully well that they will not win in the elections and are just doing this to introduce themselves to the public for future reference.

Not even the Vice President can save any of them, as if she was of any benefit at all. Come to think of it, they might have even been better off without her. Anything dilawan is a death wish in today’s political world.

We can safely assume that Holy Week was spent by the Otso Diretso candidates in deep reflection on things that can no longer be undone, such as the stupid act of filing their certificates of candidacy (CoC), and on money that can no longer be unspent. Millions were paid to media outfits, gone to waste. This money should have instead been donated to the families of the victims of Mamasapano massacre, typhoon “Ondoy” and Dengvaxia.

If we look back, it can be said that Otso Diretso signed their death warrants the moment they filed their CoC. They placed themselves under the bus by going head-on against President Rodrigo Duterte and Hugpong ng Pagbabago, angering Davao Mayor Sara Duterte, the biggest campaign mistake they made. Whoever advised them to challenge political opponents, well-loved by the masses, to debates no one even are interested in, should be given the boot. The survey companies hammered the nails into their coffins in confirming their zero chance of winning. Unfortunately for these pathetic candidates, there is no resurrection on their Easter Sunday.

Not even a well-produced anonymous YouTube video can save their campaign. Dirty tactics are inefficient to bring down a strong President and his political allies. Senatorial shoo-in Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go was quick to bare his back to show that he did not have a tattoo, as alleged in the video. Future Congressman Paolo Duterte had enough of the yapping for him to show some skin — a continuation of the desperation of outgoing Sen. Antonio Trillanes.

Speaking of desperation, how about the odd timing of the introduction of the twin children of Mar Roxas to the public. His handler, Rep. Edgar Erice of Caloocan City, has mentioned that they are busy working on the image of Roxas to make him more in-touch with the masses. But the manner of birthing of his twins via surrogacy is something only the ultra-rich does. This is reminiscent of the string of bad decisions in the PR of Roxas, from acting as traffic enforcer in the pouring rain, to eating with citizens using his hands, the fact remains that Roxas is as bourgeoisie as Louis XIV.

Another desperate play is the photoshoot by the six lackeys of Otso Diretso, while riding their jet skis or boats docked by the sea, with a caption related to the Philippines’ claim on the disputed islands. They made a huge deal over President Duterte’s coziness with the Chinese that it was deemed necessary for them to do selfies by the sea, as if they had the cajones to go against the Chinese fleet.

Campaign is on hyper drive in the final three weeks until election day on the 13th of May, and it is never too late for Otso Diretso to save face and be honorably discharged from their campaigning. Though their desperation will surely lead them to interpret that the space on this column is, in fact, positive PR. As the saying goes — any publicity is really good publicity. Unlucky for them, the humiliating performance of Otso Diretso has made them so insignificant, that none of them will be even remembered when the winners are proclaimed after the elections. This charade was, simply put, clearly political suicide.

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