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Slapped by a voter! Disente woman slapped a volunteer on election day

It all started just this 3 o’clock in the afternoon. As a public servant on the senatorial election, we all wanted to start and end our day with a smile on our faces. So we faced everyone with positive vibes and avoided negativity.

I am the electoral Board Support Staff of the Cluster 136, Precinct 0723A, 0724A, 0726A, 0727A and 0728A.

Despite of the heat, lack of electric fans and hunger, everything went well until one voter came in directly to our precinct; which is strictly prohibited, so as the Support Staff,

I smilingly asked her “Yes po? Botante?”

She exasperatedly replied “Magtatanong ako!”

Then I humbly asked “Ano ho ba yung itatanong itatanong niyo? Saakin niyo na po tanong.”

Then she went straight to the 3rd member’s table and said, “Ayoko sayo”

Then I let her pass.

Unfortunately, maybe she wasn’t able to get her answers so she went outside and sat on the vacant-voter’s waiting-chairs and waiting to be filled in by the voters- falling in line on the other room (Holding Area).

As a Support Staff, I asked her to do the process, “Maam, boboto ho ba? Duon ho kasi yung pila sa kabilang room”.

Then she said, “Ang yabang netong makasabi na may pila. Bastos!”

I wasn’t able to say a word at first. It was jaw dropping. Still, I politely said, “maam, sinasabi ko lang po sainyo yung proceso, yung trabaho ko.”

She came in close to my face and shouted; “Bastos ka! Balahura kang tao!” then she stepped back.

Then I curiously asked, “e ano ho kayo sa pinapakita niyo?

She sarcastically replied, “TAO”
That was her, taking photo of the list of staffs which includes my name. I heard that her Uncle was asking for my name. Well, bold and clear, there you got it.
I smirked and clapped three times and said to myself, Yep! She’s the one! ISA SIYA SA MGA CANCERN ATING LIPUNAN. And I said, “Ay galing!”

But she did not stop trampling my dignity and shouted “Mag isip ka nga! Gamitin mo yang utak mo hindi yung nasa paa!”

Then our 3rd member stood up and said, “Tawagin ang pulis! Bawal yan dito sa presinto ko! Maam, alam po naming na karapatan mo ang bumoto, pero wala kang karapatan sabihin yan kahit na kanino. Abala ka na dito, cause of delay ka.”

The PPCRV manager came in and two PO1. I was ready to settle it since those are just words and I am aware of these risks when it comes to being a public servant, but she did not want to and called someone (Her Uncle, Brgy. Chairman).

We were all able to listen to their conversation since she was using her high-pitched voice. She described me from head to toe and accused me that I was “BASTOS” and she is “NABABASTOS DITO”.

After the phone call, she took candid photos of me and I didn't shy away, I faced it up front because I know that I did NOTHING WRONG. (But if I did, kindly comment it down. I really want to know how this tragedy happened).

Everything went sober.

I waited for her to finish voting but after that she disappeared also the Police and PPCRV manager (maybe to do their duty too somewhere else).

I volunteered to go down to the Principal’s Office since it is our duty to report and settle dispute to the higher ground.

Surprisingly, she was there - on the left side chair, talking to the School Principal of Cong. Calalay Memorial Elementary School. As a civilized person I faced the situation and explained calmly what happened,

“Nung papasok na po kasi siya sa presinto, tinanong ko siya kaagad….”

I wasn’t able to finish what i was saying because she butted in and said, “Nakapasok na ako! Nakatayo ka lang kasi duon sa pintuan!” (Honestly, being in or out of the room isn’t the point here.)

Well, it is our job, to guard who enters and exits the precinct which indicates that we, Support Staffs are mostly located on the door steps.

To clarify things and to make her stop butting in, I was about to stand up and explain with gestures on how she entered the room BUT! SHE SLAPPED ME USING HER RIGHT-DOMINANT HAND, RIGHT INFRONT OF MY MOTHER (Yes, The School Principal is my Nanay but I NEVER MENTIONED THAT ON DUTY) AND MY FATHER WHO WAS JUST RIGHT BESIDE US.

My tatay immediately grabbed and hugged me away from her , a warm hug that melts away the pain. But my Nanay was furious and mad. Everything was blur. I wasn’t able to hear the words.

I cried a river not because of the physical pain, but because of the pain how my parents felt when she slapped me right infront of them. I was so shy to them that I let a stranger slapped me infront of the people who still treat me like a new born baby. I am sure that it a heart wrecking for them.

She said a million “sorry” to my parents but she kept insisting that that was just her reaction and it is still my fault for “humiliating” her upstairs. And not surprisingly, she said that she slapped me because “DINURO-DURO MO AKO E!”, which never happened 
I am determined to file a complaint against her under Alarm and Scandal and Direct Assault.

However, the PPCRV and the Police were forcing me to settle it because it would consume their time, as they said.

My parents hugged me and said that it is better to forgive but how can I forgive if she never even acknowledge her awful actions? She kept on DISTORTING THE ISSUE and TWISTING THE FACTS.

While every person in the room was encouraging me not to file a complaint, I was crying and said “Nay, Please naman, ayokong maging history na to ng buhay ko na hinayaan kong apihin ako ng taong ni hindi ko kilala at nagawa pa akong sampalin. Ang masakit pa niyan, kayo ang nagtutulak saakin na baliwalain na lang.”

Because I know in myself that even if I forgive her, THIS KIND OF ATTITUDE/ CANCER WILL NEVER STOP SPREADING IN OUR SOCIETY. And you know what, letting a wild monster roam around our country is also one of the many causes of "cancer".

I really hoped I was able to cure her, her blindness, her arrogant, self-proclaimed ass.

I was encouraging my parents and I even said, “Nay, kahit isa sa isang-daang-libong tao na hinayaang pagsamantalahan ng pagkakataon, hayaan niyo naman akong itama ang baluktot na paniniwala.” But they were still forcing me to stop it.

Unwillingly, I apologized to her if I offended her. But you know what? She said “Pasensya na sa nagawa ko kanina nung nakaupo tayo”. It made me laugh inside and made me realize, she will NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE HER MISTAKES.

Then she began acting and complementing my parents because of their actions, because she is VERY VERY LUCKY that none of them hurt her back. She started saying that she is a “momma’s girl”, a defender of their family; that she remembers her dad from my Tatay for being so decent.

I T W A S A L L D R A M A. – that is what I can say. She’s a good actress, tho. My parents believed her but not a wise person whom she hurt physically and most especially, emotionally.

I just told her, “Ipagdadasal ko na lang po na hindi na kumalat ang mga gaya niyong tao. Tatanggapin ko na lang po, na may taong gaya niyo.”

For the record, she never apologized for her words, just for slapping my face.

I let her go. But she went home with a big burden inside her heart, forever. THAT IS IF SHE HAS A HEART!

I hope, this true-to-life story will give you a lesson; about fighting for what is right even if it cost you.

Because right will always be right even if no one is doing it;
And wrong will always be wrong even if everyone is doing it.

I am also sad for this decision I made, but they said (besides from saying that she was the former President of the Rotary Club and the Niece of the Brgy. Chairman who always help the CRACMES) it is for the greater good, which is a lie.

So I am posting this to motivate everyone that bravery and defending yourself is never wrong.
Let us pray for our country and its people. Slowly, Philippines is roting inside but we could always HEAL OUR MOTHERLAND if we start NOW.


I am posting this as my right to use social media as my platform on releasing my emotional pain.


This has no intention to cause neither harm nor cyber-bully. As a matter of fact, as of now, I still do not know her name, just her credentials for being someone who has power and has the ?right to step on to someone?

If you think I am lying, I have all the witnesses ready to testify what really happened.

If you think that I over used adjectives, then remove it and read again.

If you think that I am just emotional, well, yes I am. Because you’ve never been into my shoe and you will never feel what i am feeling right now.

To Madam: I hope to see you soon, madam! But I hope, the next time, your attitude will be that of a civilized and educated human. I am just grateful that I have decent, civilized parents who fed me well with kind words and nourished me with flourishing love; and that I am not the one who is the DISGRACE TO HER FAMILY, TO THIS NATION. God Bless your soul!

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