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A serial con man? KAPA founder Joel Apolinario no stranger to estafa

Joel Apolinario, the founder of Kabus Padatoon (KAPA) Ministry International Inc., is no stranger to estafa case.
Our 10M members are all happy with 30% return! Kapa leader claims only oligarchs, banks, PCCI are complaining

National Bureau of Investigation said Deputy Director Antonio Pagatpat said Apolinaro was the subject of a string of large-scale estafa cases in 2018 which he was able to escape with the help of judges.

Kapa makes P100M payouts a day: NBI to file charges of large scale estafa vs Pastor Joel Apolinario

“He started in Bislig Surigao, in fact, our office there a year ago, was able to file a string of cases against him. Unfortunately, he was able to settle all the complainants by paying all the complainants. We recommended syndicated estafa, large scale. Unfortunately, again the prosecutor downgraded the cases into simple estafa,” said Pagatpat in a press conference.

Columnist Danny Abrigo said the former fisherman-construction worker-radio anchorman was swamped with more than a hundred estafa cases after he failed to deliver on the payouts to members of his Kapa get rich quick scheme.

Abrigo wrote in his Sunstar column: “Since August 2017 to July 2018, Apolinario was charged with 102 (syndicated estafa) cases for not paying as promised the aggregate amount of P7,163,700 prompting to the issuance of 27 arrest warrants. However, all complainants were remunerated later and the cases were all dismissed.” These legal troubles failed to dampen Apolinario who moved south to further expand his enterprise.

According to Abrigo, KAPA started with the establishment in 2016 of Kapa Coop Convenience Store and General Merchandise in Bislig City in Apolinario’s home province, Surigao del Sur.

Multiply like bread? KAPA can’t give P180B profits on P50B ‘donations’ from at least 5M members – SEC

The coop promised 30 percent monthly return on member’s investments. In March 2017, Abrigo said Apolinario converted KAPA into a community ministry with him and seven others as incorporators: Nonita S. Urbano; Junnie G. Apolinario; Nelia V. Nino; Maria Pella B. Sevilla; Jouelyn A. del Castillo;Cristobal R. Barabad; and Joji A. Jusay.

Abrigo described Apolinario as a a”self-made man” who failed twice in politics and was an ordained minister of a splinter group of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

CA freezes Kapa funds, SEC to file more charges vs Pastor Joel Apolinario, allies

When Abrigo wrote his column in February 2019, he estimated that KAPA had at least 1 million members.Four months later, the Securities and Exchange Commission estimated it has five million members while a KAPA spokesperson claimed they have 10 million members.

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