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Mainland China embraces Davao's Budots dance - taking China by storm

Who would have thought that the once detested budots dance is now becoming a worldwide dance hit.
Thanks to technology and social media.

Started by Camus boys from Davao City, Budots, which features a vivacious music and quirky choreography, was once despised by locals due to its negative connotation. Youngsters who usually dance to it are usually engaged in unruly activities like drunkenness, street loitering, solvent addiction often referred to as 'rugby boys/girls' and small riots.

Residents usually loathe such activities as it disrupts communities in a city that puts premium to peace and order.

The vivacious music composition was an instant hit to the youth and the youth at heart. People from neighboring cities and provinces started downloading the music and dance to it during town fiestas, birthdays, school performances and other occasions.

It even made it to Karaoke machines making it accessible even to remote areas which don't have internet access.

Kumpadres enjoying budots in the country side.

Its popularity peaked when mainstream media started picking up the dance craze.

Nowadays, Budots is danced prominently in TV shows and even used in political ads. A senator was recently elected for merely dancing to budots music. Crazy!

Mainland China embraces Davao's Budots dance
We've been seeing clips of budots dance being danced by foreigners, buy we've never realized the magnitude of its popularity until this talent show in China paid homage to D'Squared- a dance group hailing from Davao City- regarding them as idols.

Budots Dance Challenge is very popular in China right now that even celebrities are dancing it.

Chinese citizens are uploading their own versions of the challenge and is taking the Chinese social media by storm.


D'Squared can be credited for bringing the budots craze into the limelight.

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