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Pres. Duterte galit na kay Apolinario! Postiso, ipapakain umano sa pastor

DAVAO CITY (June 13) — Contrary to what the officers of Kabus Padatuon (KAPA) Community Ministry claimed, President Rodrigo Duterte asked the “donors” or investors to stop it, saying it is a continuing crime.
Duterte even warned to have Kapa founder, Pastor Joel Apolinario, eat his dentures.

In his speech during the distribution of the Certificate of Land Ownership Award in Lagao Gym, General Santos City, on June 13, Duterte said “The operation shall stop immediately,” saying it is a scam.

Duterte emphasized “Ang akong gi-ingon sa NBI ug sa police- Dakpa! kay ang estafa, sa atong balaud, nga gipasar sa Congress, large scale E=estafa kay non-bailable, kamong tanan naa sa kapa mogawas gani na inyong pangalan sa papel, nga morag benefactor-pagbantay mo, maaresto gani mo, walay mahayay.”

(Translation: I wold the NBI and the police-Arrest them! that is estafa, the law passed by Congress states-large scale estafa, it is non-bailable, all of you in Kapa, if your names will crop up in paper, that you are benefactor, you will be arrested, don’t regret).

Kapa members flocked to General Santos City for a two-day Prayer Rally in the hope of convincing the President to change his mind about the closure.

At noontime, Members shouted for joy, when Apolinario announced the possibility that their operations will continue as reports spread, he met Duterte.

But when Duterte talked about Kapa, He warned “Ikaw pastora ka, mangilad ka, bantay ka lang, unsa ng iyang posteso, tinoud na? ipakaon ko na sa imo.” (You pastor, you are a scammer, what is his dentures, is it real? I will have you eat it?

Duterte said it is impossible for an investment scheme to offer huge interest because even big banking institutions cannot offer it.

“While it is good to be true,” Duterte said, it is next to impossible.

“The money which you are receiving come from the donation or the money of the people who followed after you put your money, so in the end, those in the lower bracket cannot receive, so stop it,” he emphasized.

He warned investors “If your name will be there, then, you are part of the crime,” he emphasized.

Duterte said, he needs to implement the law of the land. He advised the investors because he does not want them to be victimized-ezc/NewsLine.ph

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