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PH media networks caught spreading lies about SEA Games 2019

May Philippine-based media outlets were forced to issue public apologies after they were caught publishing fake news about the SEA Games 2019 that is being hosted by the Philippines this year.
The Philippine social media was abuzz about alleged reports of Muslim athletes from the Singaporean team being served with pork meals prompting negative reactions from Filipinos and even social media users across Southeast Asia.

It turned out to be a hoax.

The Singaporean Team issued a clarification after a post from South China Morning Post alleged that pork meals were served to their Muslim athletes.

So who wrote that rubbish news? It was this man, according to the SCMP website.
His sources? Rappler and FoxSports.

The hotel where the Singaporean team was staying also issued a clarification and denied that they served such meals to the team as alleged by SCMP's sources.

In Rappler's quest to put down the Duterte administration, it disregarded basic journalism conventions and ethics to propagate hateful narrative for the SEA Games 2019. Rappler, funded by American investors (alleged reports say they once received money from CIA), have been doing this media blitz campaign in hope to topple the Duterte administration.

Rappler and FoxSports are yet to retract the fake news they published nor issue a formal apology.

Unlike the two crass publications above, several local media outlets have issued apologies for the wrong information its reporters have reported.

ABS-CBN was forced to apologize after its (former) reporter published a photo of a Philippine flag being used as a table mat.

It was later found out that the photo was taken during a Christmas Party in Hong Kong back in 2017 and is not in any way related to the 2019 SEA Games.

To save face, ABS-CBN immediately disowned Ricky Velasco saying he's no longer working in the network.

"ABS-CBN News has social media guidelines and gatekeeping layers to prevent erroneous and misleading posts.

Mr. Velasco’s post did not go through any of these processes."
Spin.ph was also caught lying.

ABS-CBN's reporter was also forced to retract her crass report about a facility at one of the supposed venues.

She later issued an erratum saying she mistakenly reported that the comfort room was one of the official venues for the SEA Games event.
These idiot reporters may have corrected their mistakes but the damage has been done.

And it's a huge one!

It's so sad that the people who should be telling us the truth are actually the ones propagating fake news.

These unethical practices should not be tolerated by media networks. Heads should roll and they should start by firing these dimwitted reporters.

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