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Duterte, ang nag-iisang Presidente na kumalaban sa oligarkiya

GALIT NA GALIT ANG PANGULO SA MANILA WATER because the government has just been ordered by an international tribunal to pay the company P7.4 billion.
Oo, tayo ang magbabayad sa kanila, a private company. Tayong mga taxpayers, hindi si Duterte. Tayo, who have been paying them to sell to us what should be a government owned service. Tayo, when we have suffered through many water crises.

The P7.4 billion is the amount MANILA WATER claims it lost from June 2015 to Nov 2019 because we didn’t approve of their price hike back then.

Maliban sa P7.4 billion, the international tribunal also ordered us to pay them 100 percent of what they paid to the court and 85 percent of other costs.


Wala. Because the company owner is a sponsor for her projects.

Only Duterte—the man you hate—will go up against these people because he doesn’t owe these oligarchs anything.

Only Duterte is fighting against the oligarchy while you are all trained to blame China for everything, while our fellow “Filipinos” will make sure we are oppressed.

Duterte says baka dito sya bumagsak, sa pagkanti ng mga oligarchs. Drug lords and politicians are just normal enemies, but rich oligarchs have been running the show and have given money to even the programs of our own Vice President, so Duterte will have a hard time getting support for this from his own people. He will have no one but us. Many of our politicians are friends with, and got campaign money from, the rich.

I think we need to pressure both Houses, upper and lower, to pass a bill saying we need to get our utilities back from private companies. Sige bayaran na yan, tapos bawiin na.

Sobra na ang pahirap sa mga Filipino. Nung kasagsagan ba ng water crises, nawalan din ba ng tubig yung exclusive villages kung san sila nakatira?

Leni, Renato, Sarah Elago, this is what true oppression looks like. They have us by our necks.

Originally posted on Krizette Laureta Chu's Facebook page.

Duterte, ang nag-iisang Presidente na kumalaban sa oligarkiya Duterte, ang nag-iisang Presidente na kumalaban sa oligarkiya Reviewed by AsianPolicy.Press on 1:45:00 AM Rating: 5

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