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Liberal Party propagandist na si Jover Laurio, muntikan ng mamatay!

According to information from the bloggers, anti-Duterte critic Jover Laurio or better known as the Pinoy Ako Blog suffered a stroke.
In the social media post of Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Writer Krizette Laureta Chu, she showed a picture of Laurio while confined in the hospital.
“In late October, Jover Laurio suffered a stroke. Then she was re-admitted after a week. In early November, she was still confined. She was in a private room at Makati Med, and will be having rehabilitation therapy every week until she feels better.” according to Chu.

In the same post, Chu also lambasted the alleged people who used Laurio.

“She is literally one trigger and stress away from having another attack—and with the way they ride her to be their first tier attack dog, she might just have another one. But do they care? No… There is nothing more important than your life. You haven’t even enjoyed your husband yet. You don’t even have children yet. Please don’t allow yourself to be used and then discarded when you no longer have your faculties.” explained Chu.

Laurio had previously posted about the President's “kung sakaling mam@tay" issue.
Chu noted that while Laurio was h0spitalized, her blog was still very active.

“PS: While Jover was in the hospital, Pinoy ako blog was still very active. Here in one of the screencaps, Jover posts that she can hardly use her two hands to eat. And it takes many fingers to type. So how many writers do they have? And why does Jover allow herself to be used like this? If those writers have strong political stands, they should come out—but no, they are leaving her to face the backlash alone. Why do you allow them to use you like this, Jover? Why don’t you ask them to stand on their own names?” added Chu.

Read the reaction from the netizens about Jover Lario or better known as Pinoy Ako Blog's confinement in the hospital:

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