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Grace Poe finally decided to be useful and get to work; moves heaven and earth to serve her patrons at Abs-Cbn

This post from Krizette Laureta Chu sums it all. Please take time to read and decide for yourself.


So today, the Senate will convene to discuss the ABS issue, ahead of the House of Representatives.

Heading its defenders is Grace Poe, who couldn’t be bothered when it was the traffic issue that needed resolving.

Ironically, the Legislative branches of government is ABS CBN’s last hope. This, after insisting that the Duterte government is dictatorial.

Many celebrities tried to appeal to the emotion (aka paawa effect). Didn’t work. Instead, majority mocked them. Kasi naman, how could they be so out of touch with the sentiment of a masa that’s been hoodwinked and exploited, as they cavort in their mansions and resorts that they bought after “working hard” for them. Konting sensitivity kasi sa pinag dadaanan ng ordinaryong Pilipino na Kahit na mag work hard eh wala sa privileged positions nila. Tapos sila pa itong humihingi for people to look the other way.

NUJP tried gathering a million signatures, was only able to submit 200,000 in a matter of weeks. Nakakahiya di ba? Fans palang ni Anne Curtis dapat they were able to get it within one day. Waley.

Tried to hold a rally. Mas marami pa ang nag aattend ng prayer rally ng El Shaddai on any given Sunday. Mas marami pa ang pumipila sa milk tea brand na bagong bukas. Mas marami pang naka abang sa Litsunan pag Dec 24. Mas mahaba pa ang pila sa MRT nang 7 am. You get my point.

So, in what can only be called irony, ABS CBN’s last hope is still government, after painting Duterte as evil incarnate for the past three years. Not only that, may fast pass sila. Hindi na sinunod yung proseso na sa HOR muna.

Which is why—after the dust has settled—this picture will emerge:

The ABS CBN issue is an absolute win-win for the President.

Alam na ni Tatay mo Digong the way this will unfold.

They keep it open, he wins. The world will know he is not the dictator they paint him to be. Ay, kaya palang salungatin siya?

They shut it down, he wins. Another show of force from a government that’s tried to keep in line businesses, whether it be PAL or MIGHTY—which by the way weren’t even his “enemies.” It’s a warning shot that would and should reverberate in a community that’s full of white collar criminals. If it can take down ABS CBN, with all its star megawatt power, no lawbreaker is safe. What a statement.

That’s why Duterte really couldn’t care less. No matter the outcome, this government will benefit.

Which leads us to the question: BAKIT NAGMAMATIGAS ANG MGA LOPEZES, unlike say, PAL? Why, after finding out that Duterte had problems about them not airing his ad, or that he thinks they didn’t follow the Constitution, or that they settled with BIR their arrears, hindi nalang sila nakipag areglo?

Because unlike most Chinese businessmen—actually unlike most businessmen who had to work hard for their money—and know how they built their empires from the ground up and know that bricks will topple down with a weak foundation, the Lopezes are—as discussed before—kingmakers.

For years, sila ang sinasanto. Politicians kowtowed, begged, sidled up to them to gain favors. You want a positive image? Make sure you have media by your side. Especially the most powerful network.
They’re not used to the idea of having to compromise or meet halfway. It’s their way or the highway.

That’s what kingmakers are—they are imbued with the arrogance and confidence of the Masters of the Universe.

Today, the Lopezes will need all of its connections, will need to call on all the favors and debts of gratitude dispensed to your favorite senators, whether they are pro or anti.

Today you will see how powerful the network really is, and why Duterte is—despite being the most powerful man in the land—still a lone wolf.

Today you will see how much—or little—of our system has really changed, when it’s just the President fighting against monolithic institutions.

The public—the long suffering public—will see how this will play out. We will watch with great intensity. Are our lawmakers on our side, or are they going to repay some favors, for their own benefit?

To end, I want to remind you all, that true power is not with anyone else but us—the long-hoodwinked public who have been made simple spectators in a power play between oligarchs and politicians.

This is our country, not their playground, not their cash cow.

They are nothing without us. NOTHING—and don’t we forget it.

Pilipinas, GAME KA NA BA?

Grace Poe finally decided to be useful and get to work; moves heaven and earth to serve her patrons at Abs-Cbn Grace Poe finally decided to be useful and get to work; moves heaven and earth to serve her patrons at Abs-Cbn Reviewed by AsianPolicy.Press on 8:19:00 PM Rating: 5

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