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ABC News Australia takes down Maria Ressa interview after being caught lying

The infamous interview of ABC News Australia with Rappler founder Maria Ressa took the Philippines by storm.
It was mainly due to the fact that the beleaguered founder of Rappler, an online news site being funded by CIA (reportedly) and various american groups, Maria Ressa, was caught concocting fake news and misinformation point blank.

ABC NEWS has deliberately turned off comments for the interview of Maria Ressa.

The same interview where Maria Ressa was CAUGHT lying for saying that Abs-Cbn has 11 million employees and that NTC took away the network’s franchise.

• Abs-cbn doesn’t employ 11million people. Early figures claiming its workforce is at 11,000 was even proven to be FALSE.

• NTC didn’t take their franchise. IT EXPIRED. NTC has no power to take away a franchise. That power lies on Congress.

Surprisingly, even before netizens caught her obvious lies, ABC News chose to disable the comments section for the said interview.

Expectedly, Filipino netizens overwhelmingly slammed Ressa for outrightly spreading fake news not just in the Philippines, but even on international forums.

Rappler is widely viewed in the Philippines as purveyor of Fake news. This is not the first time Rappler was caught reporting lies or fake news.

"The outrage from Filipino netizens forced ABC News Australia to take down the fake news-filled interview of Maria Ressa."

Hours after it was published on Youtube, the Australian news agency finally took the video down.

As of today, the said video is no longer accessible on Youtube.

Of course, copies of the interview has been uploaded on other Youtube channels.

The damage has been inflicted and for sure, hundreds of millions of people have already passed judgment after seeing Ressa’s interview.

Let’s say Maria Ressa issues an apology and retracts her words about the fake news she concocted.

So how many people from Australia and beyond will be able to read and watch her retraction? It could be zero. We will never know.

You see, that’s the DANGER when people from mainstream media are the ones who perpetuate and purvey fake news and misinformation.

Mediamen who have the intent to sow chaos by peddling misinformation are the DANGER in the society.

Who will hold Maria Ressa accountable now?

As of this writing, Maria Ressa has remained mum about this scandal.

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