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Freedom of Speech pa more! Daryl Ong, Bugoy Drilon fired for speaking about ABS-CBN franchise

The Voice Philippines alumnus and Teleserye singer Daryl Ong came out on his vlog and detailed what went down after he and fellow Kapamilya artist Bugoy Drilon talked about the embattled network's franchise while en route to a gig in Visayas.

Ong detailed how he and other Kapamilya singers were 'wiretapped,' which is by the way illegal.

Ong and fellow band members Bugoy Drilon and Michael Pangilinan were at the airport waiting for their flight to Visayas when one of their companions started talking about the stock market.

The group, Ong say, were trying to explore the details about how to start investing in stocks when one of their companion sarcastically suggested that it's a good time to invest in stocks since ABS-CBN's stock price is very low due to the issues of its franchise in the Congress.

To those who have no idea how stock markets work, it's basically a buy and sell. You buy at a low price, then sell at a higher price.

The group also talked about the online signature campaign that ABS-CBN was so desperately promoting to garner sympathy from the public.

They said they were talking about how ABS-CBN is losing the online battle as they only got 60,000 signatures out of the 1 million target.

The group which was obviously talking in confidence was secretly recorded by a person sitting near them.

The person, which he didn't name, then passed the recording to ABS-CBN executives. The singers' bosses.

Upon arrival at the venue, Ong and fellow singers were just told that they can no longer perform.

That's how Ong and Drilon learned that they no longer have jobs at the Kapamilya network.

"Ang impression sa amin, kumakampi kami sa fact na hindi na mare-renew 'yung franchise. Pero hindi kami nabigyan ng pagkakataon magpaliwanag," Ong said on his vlog.

Ong said he tried to argue their position and asked for a copy of the recording but the ABS-CBN management refused due to wiretapping law.

Martial Law in ABS-CBN?
This action of ABS-CBN is very problematic, especially this time, since the Kapamilya Network has been desperately promoting the idea that their closure was due to suppression of freedom of speech by the government.

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An idea which is so ridiculous because the government did not harass the network nor take it over, but their franchise simply expired. Philippine laws don't allow broadcast network to operate without a franchise.

ABS-CBN's franchise is still being deliberated in Congress.

This development prompted many fans of the singers to air their grievances against the Kapamilya network.

Even former Kapamilya singer Bryan Termulo went to the defense of the singers. 

Netizens also egged other Kapamilya actors, like Angel Locsin, Liza Soberano, Bianca Gonzales, Kathryn Bernardo, Gretchen Ho and Kim Chiu, who are very vocal in calling out the government for allegedly curtailing the press freedom in the country by shutting down ABS-CBN to speak up against this injustice to their co-artists in the network.

What can you say about this? 

Do you think this is right? 

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