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LOOK: Text, email record reveals how Rappler never gave Mr. Keng fair coverage

ABS-CBN just threw Maria Ressa under the bus with an EXCLUSIVE report showing evidences on how Rappler deliberately refused to give Mr. Keng a chance to air his side. 

In an exclusive report, ABS-CBN reporter Niko Baua revealed that despite many pleading for Rappler to include Mr. Wilfredo Keng's side, Rappler still refused to give the businessman his right to reply to the allegations hurled against him by Maria Ressa's company.

This became apparent with the recent documents ABS-CBN obtained showing what went down between Rappler and Atty. Leonard De Vera, Keng's counsel.

Rappler’s online article cited an intelligence report claiming that Keng was involved in drugs, trafficking, other criminal activity.

Atty. Leonard De Vera wrote to Maritess Vitug in Aug 2016 and attached a PDEA certification that Keng was not involved in illegal drugs.

De Vera requested Vitug that the PDEA certification be included the online article. After several follow ups from De Vera, a Rappler reporter replied to De Vera that an updated article was written and that it was already with the editor.

From August 2016 to November 2017, Keng’s lawyer says they waited for Rappler to update the article and even offered to set an interview with Keng. Rappler, however, did not update the online article.

Atty. Cruz explained that it was important for Keng to clear his name during that time when the war on drugs was launched. He clarified that Keng has nothing to do with illegal drugs and that Rappler’s one sided article tarnished his reputation as a businessman.

Keng’s lawyers say they exhausted all efforts in requesting Rappler to update the article and had no recourse but to file a complaint in the National Bureau of Investigation. They explained that this case is about Rappler’s accountability and not about press freedom.

Rappler has repeatedly stood by the online article that they published. Maria Ressa also claimed that it was the lawyers of Keng who threatened her. Ressa insists that this is about the administration’s suppression against Rappler and press freedom.

Obviously, Mr. Keng is a private individual whom Rappler used to advance propaganda against then embattled Chief Justice Renato Corona. 

Corona was facing an impeachment when Rappler published this fake news. 

Several senators back then admitted in receiving bribes to convict the then Chief Justice. 

Many netizens were appalled by how Rappler treated the businessman cementing its reputation as a company composed of 'presstitutes,'-propagandists masquerading as journalists who engage scheming and corrupt practices.

Here's what netizens have to say about the revelation.

What can you say about this? Do you believe Rappler is guilty and that Maria Ressa deserve the verdict she received yesterday?

Let us know in the comments.

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